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The story behind the Interstellar soundtrack Dec 19, 2016 music & video https://youtu.be/HtifWqsON1g #San Francisco - December 2016 Dec 15, 2016 travel & USA & San Francisco The first leg of our Christmas/NY 2016 trip was a quick three days in San Francisco. Flying to & from New Spark for macOS Nov 30, 2016 link & email & macOS & software Spark is easily the best email client I’ve ever used on iOS - so I’m excited to see they’ve released a macOS version. If you’ve not tried it out, Wallcat - Enjoy a new, beautiful wallpaper, every day. Nov 24, 2016 link & wallpaper & macOS & OS & X & app & utility Visit: Wallcat - Enjoy a new, beautiful wallpaper, every day. Adam Hurrey’s 90’s Heroes: Pinpointing the Moment of Peak Le Tissier Nov 18, 2016 link & Football & Premier & League The soundtracks to YouTube goal compilations are hardly the last bastion of good taste — all dirty house drops and tired Requiem John Gruber: ONLY MICROSOFT COULD MAKE TEAMS Nov 9, 2016 link & taste & design & slack & teams & microsoft “Long ago I wrote about how bad user experiences feel like fighting your way uphill and good ones feel like you’re coasting downhill. An uphill UI Farnley Hey, Farnley Tyas West Yorkshire Nov 6, 2016 link & architecture & design & modernism & house Farnley Hey is one of Britain’s most celebrated Modern houses. This four-bedroom home with spectacular views over the Pennines was designed by the This is My Jam: SOAK - B a noBody Nov 5, 2016 TiMJ & Music & SOAK Ten Years on Twitter Nov 5, 2016 Twitter & Web & History November 15th marks ten years since I joined Twitter. I was user 12,494. Members of Web Design mailing list I was a member of back then all signed Fixing Amazon Echo’s Timezone Oct 28, 2016 Alexa & Amazon & Echo & Tech & Link I bought an Amazon Echo in the UK this week, and am trying to figure out how to set it up to work properly from The Netherlands. This post explains This is My Jam: Bon Iver - Heavenly Father (Acapella) Oct 9, 2016 TiMJ & Music & Bon Iver A Guide to Wes Anderson’s Paris Oct 7, 2016 link Visit: A Guide to Wes Anderson’s Paris Transnistria Oct 2, 2016 Link & travel & Europe Julia Autz documents Transnistria, a breakaway republic steeped in Soviet nostalgia. Visit: Transnistria This is My Jam: 33 “GOD” - Bon Iver Oct 1, 2016 TiMJ & Music & Video Seattle, September 2016 Oct 1, 2016 Travel & Work & USA & Booking.com Seven rules for perfect Japanese typography Sep 23, 2016 Link & Japanese & Typography Japanese in its written form is beautiful in a way that latinate languages never could be, but the web has rarely treated it well. Visit: Seven Amsterdam in the Victorian Era Sep 19, 2016 Link & Amsterdam & Photography & History “Jacob Olie (1834 — 1905) was a photographer from Amsterdam known for his scenes of everyday life there. These amazing photos iPhone 7 Plus Notes Sep 18, 2016 iPhone & iOS & Hardware The difference between the displays on my iPhone 6 Plus & iPhone 7 Plus is really rather striking. The additional brightness of the display #Laura Marling: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert Sep 18, 2016 Music & Video & Link Visit: Laura Marling: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert Miami, September 2016 Sep 15, 2016 Travel & Work & USA & Booking.com Next page