Two months with the Leica Q2 - photos. Jun 10, 2019 mrfrisby.com Farewell Booking.com Jun 8, 2019 Work & Booking As I mentioned elsewhere earlier this week, after a mammoth eight year stint, I have waved a fond farewell to Booking.com. I am looking forward to MUJI HUT 無印良品 Jan 19, 2019 MUJI HUT 無印良品 HAO design transforms historic dwelling in taiwan Jan 19, 2019 Dutch on-demand services Nov 13, 2018 Hulpje - Housemaid service, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. Klusheeren - Senior tradespeople available for small jobs Werkspot - tendering for LAFC fans in the safe-standing area May 5, 2018 football & travel & Los Angeles & USA Scaling Design - My talk at Leading Design 2017 May 2, 2018 Video & Work & Presenting & Design I totally forgot to share the video of my talk at the 2017 edition of Clearleft’s Leading Design conference. You can see it alongside talks from Expeditie expat - een kijkje in de keuken van Booking Jan 1, 2018 link & work & Booking.com I was interviewed as part of this Parool feature on Booking.com visit: parool.nl (Paywall) #Josh Cohen — High and Dry (Piano Cover) Nov 23, 2017 Music & Video & Radiohead Eichler Design Oct 10, 2017 link & architecture Joseph Eichler was the only merchant builder in America who built modernist style homes on a large scale, designed by skilled #The Frost House Jul 20, 2017 link & architecture When I’m a grown up I want to design modular prefabricated homes. visit: thefrosthouse.com Those Dam birds- the urban herons of Amsterdam - in pictures | Cities | The Guardian Jul 1, 2017 Lets see if URLs and images work mfr. Jul 1, 2017 Tweet is Testing silently publishing tweets from mfr. Jul 1, 2017 Tweet is Masterpieces by Sesshu Toyo Jun 13, 2017 Commute at 2x: Steigereiland to Rembrandtplein Jun 9, 2017 Video & Amsterdam #This is My Jam: Folksong Crisis - Seafood Jun 3, 2017 TiMJ & Music & Seafood Listen: http://ift.tt/2afnrlP #My Podcast Subscriptions May 29, 2017 Link & Podcasts visit: Real Good Stuff #This is My Jam: Firecracker - Charlie Fink Apr 30, 2017 TiMJ & Music & Charlie Fink Listen: http://ift.tt/2oHgSzY #True Love Will Find You In The End Apr 17, 2017 Music & Composition Source
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