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I have formed a company to work on the next generation of design tooling. After spending the last eight years bemoaning the ever-widening gap between the way we design, and the way our tools work, I figured I should do something about it.

At this point I am gathering data, speaking to my peers in the industry and exploring what design tooling should look like in 2022 and beyond. I can already tell you that it isn’t better drawing tools, it isn’t more static mock-ups and it isn’t building siloes of inaccessible, undiscoverable and ad hoc artefacts. I want to take everything I’ve learnt from scaling and operationalising design over the last fifteen years in large organisations and build software that makes that simpler, that helps designers and organisations do better design work more easily. If you’re interested in following along as I make progress on Unisn, you can sign up for emails at unisn.app

Published on 27 September 2022 – workdesignsoftware

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