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#This is My Jam: You Just Want - King Creosote Apr 6, 2017 TiMJ & Music & King Creosote Listen: http://ift.tt/2bIsGr8 Video: Building a Testing Culture Mar 31, 2017 Link & Presenting & Booking.com & Work & Video Video of my presentation at last weeks Conversions@Google conference. Conversions: Building a Testing Culture Mar 29, 2017 Link & Presenting & Booking.com & Work “In his Building a Testing Culture presentation at Google Conversions 2017 in Dublin, Ireland, Stuart Frisby discussed the culture, process, and Implementing system fonts on Booking.com — A lesson learned. Mar 29, 2017 Work & Design & Booking.com & Link “Inspired by the recent work that Github and Medium have done to improve their fonts and thus the reading experience on their sites, we at #This is My Jam: There, There - Radiohead Mar 28, 2017 TiMJ & Music & Radiohead Listen: http://ift.tt/26h3z76 This is my Jam: Big Picture - London Grammar Mar 25, 2017 TiMJ & Music & Video & London Grammar Arrangement 1 Mar 5, 2017 Music & Composition & OP-1 & Synth & Sounds This is my first stab at making something with the OP-1. I clearly have much to learn, but I’m enjoying playing with my new toy and exploring new #OP-1 Feb 21, 2017 Music & Video & Synth This demonstration of the Teenage Engineering OP-1 is mesmerising #Honomobo Feb 15, 2017 link & housing & architecture These shipping container kit houses are lovely. I’d love to buy one and plonk it down somewhere in the countryside. visit: honomobo.com #Sounds of Tokyo Jan 22, 2017 Travel & Audio & Japan & Tokyo & Sounds On our recent visit to Tokyo to see in the New Year, I recorded a few short audio clips on my phone. They make for pleasing The JR James Archive Jan 22, 2017 link & UK & photography & history a recently discovered cache of post-war British photography depicting war damage, slums and new developments across England. Visit: The JR James Bold Jan 15, 2017 link & software & slack An internal blog for your team’s knowledge and big ideas. Visit: Bold #Early Morning Walk to Work Jan 11, 2017 Photo & Amsterdam Instagram Vivienne Ming: The cost of not being a straight white man Jan 8, 2017 link & tech & equality & gender & economics “it costs about £38,000 ($54,000) to be a gay man in England; women in the US tech industry pay a tax of between $100,000 and $300,000; and women in Black Mirror: San Junipero (Original Score) Jan 7, 2017 link & music & soundtrack & OST & netflix Clint Mansell has released the original score he wrote for the beautiful San Junipero episode from the most recent season of Black Mirror. It’s Die Like a Rich Boy Jan 7, 2017 Audio & Music & Recording Jōdo-shū Buddhism Jan 2, 2017 link & japan. & buddhism “The Pure Land school established on this basis may be called the way of salvation by a”power outside of ourselves,” or “other power” (i.e., the New Zealand - December 2016 Jan 1, 2017 NZ & Travel After our short sojourn in San Francisco, the next stop on our trip was New Zealand. My family have been living there now for the best part of a 2016-17 Jan 1, 2017 Travel & Tokyo & NYE Happy New Year from Tokyo. We joined the Countdown in Shibuya last night after kicking off our evening with a visit to The Blue Note to see Vipp Shelter Dec 28, 2016 architecture & house & design & link There are countless places we’ve seen in New Zealand this past ten days where one of these would be the perfect way to enjoy the views and the Next page