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Expeditie expat - een kijkje in de keuken van Booking Jan 1, 2018 link & work & Booking.com I was interviewed as part of this Parool feature on Booking.com visit: parool.nl (Paywall) Eichler Design Oct 10, 2017 link & architecture Joseph Eichler was the only merchant builder in America who built modernist style homes on a large scale, designed by skilled #The Frost House Jul 20, 2017 link & architecture When I’m a grown up I want to design modular prefabricated homes. visit: thefrosthouse.com #My Podcast Subscriptions May 29, 2017 Link & Podcasts visit: Real Good Stuff Video: Building a Testing Culture Mar 31, 2017 Link & Presenting & Booking.com & Work & Video Video of my presentation at last weeks Conversions@Google conference. Conversions: Building a Testing Culture Mar 29, 2017 Link & Presenting & Booking.com & Work “In his Building a Testing Culture presentation at Google Conversions 2017 in Dublin, Ireland, Stuart Frisby discussed the culture, process, and Implementing system fonts on Booking.com — A lesson learned. Mar 29, 2017 Work & Design & Booking.com & Link “Inspired by the recent work that Github and Medium have done to improve their fonts and thus the reading experience on their sites, we at #Honomobo Feb 15, 2017 link & housing & architecture These shipping container kit houses are lovely. I’d love to buy one and plonk it down somewhere in the countryside. visit: honomobo.com The JR James Archive Jan 22, 2017 link & UK & photography & history a recently discovered cache of post-war British photography depicting war damage, slums and new developments across England. Visit: The JR James Bold Jan 15, 2017 link & software & slack An internal blog for your team’s knowledge and big ideas. Visit: Bold Vivienne Ming: The cost of not being a straight white man Jan 8, 2017 link & tech & equality & gender & economics “it costs about £38,000 ($54,000) to be a gay man in England; women in the US tech industry pay a tax of between $100,000 and $300,000; and women in Black Mirror: San Junipero (Original Score) Jan 7, 2017 link & music & soundtrack & OST & netflix Clint Mansell has released the original score he wrote for the beautiful San Junipero episode from the most recent season of Black Mirror. It’s Jōdo-shū Buddhism Jan 2, 2017 link & japan. & buddhism “The Pure Land school established on this basis may be called the way of salvation by a”power outside of ourselves,” or “other power” (i.e., the Vipp Shelter Dec 28, 2016 architecture & house & design & link There are countless places we’ve seen in New Zealand this past ten days where one of these would be the perfect way to enjoy the views and the Spark for macOS Nov 30, 2016 link & email & macOS & software Spark is easily the best email client I’ve ever used on iOS - so I’m excited to see they’ve released a macOS version. If you’ve not tried it out, Wallcat - Enjoy a new, beautiful wallpaper, every day. Nov 24, 2016 link & wallpaper & macOS & OS & X & app & utility Visit: Wallcat - Enjoy a new, beautiful wallpaper, every day. Adam Hurrey’s 90’s Heroes: Pinpointing the Moment of Peak Le Tissier Nov 18, 2016 link & Football & Premier & League The soundtracks to YouTube goal compilations are hardly the last bastion of good taste — all dirty house drops and tired Requiem John Gruber: ONLY MICROSOFT COULD MAKE TEAMS Nov 9, 2016 link & taste & design & slack & teams & microsoft “Long ago I wrote about how bad user experiences feel like fighting your way uphill and good ones feel like you’re coasting downhill. An uphill UI Farnley Hey, Farnley Tyas West Yorkshire Nov 6, 2016 link & architecture & design & modernism & house Farnley Hey is one of Britain’s most celebrated Modern houses. This four-bedroom home with spectacular views over the Pennines was designed by the Fixing Amazon Echo’s Timezone Oct 28, 2016 Alexa & Amazon & Echo & Tech & Link I bought an Amazon Echo in the UK this week, and am trying to figure out how to set it up to work properly from The Netherlands. This post explains A Guide to Wes Anderson’s Paris Oct 7, 2016 link Visit: A Guide to Wes Anderson’s Paris Transnistria Oct 2, 2016 Link & travel & Europe Julia Autz documents Transnistria, a breakaway republic steeped in Soviet nostalgia. Visit: Transnistria Seven rules for perfect Japanese typography Sep 23, 2016 Link & Japanese & Typography Japanese in its written form is beautiful in a way that latinate languages never could be, but the web has rarely treated it well. Visit: Seven Amsterdam in the Victorian Era Sep 19, 2016 Link & Amsterdam & Photography & History “Jacob Olie (1834 — 1905) was a photographer from Amsterdam known for his scenes of everyday life there. These amazing photos #Laura Marling: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert Sep 18, 2016 Music & Video & Link Visit: Laura Marling: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert Emojipedia Sep 7, 2016 mac & software & OSX & Emoji & link Mac OS X Dictionary containing Emoji and their meanings. Clever. Visit: Emojipedia Oryoki Sep 5, 2016 link & OSX & software & browser & mac & Apps Maybe this is the almost interface-less web browser I’ve been looking for. Visit: Ōryōki Current Work (Untitled) - Victoria Clarke Sep 4, 2016 link & art & painting & clarkey My wife is exhibiting this series of serene, minimalist seascapes at the upcoming Annual Dutch Art Fair later this month. Go check them out if QRATES Sep 3, 2016 link & music & web & Producthunt Qrates looks like a really cool service - it’s a small-run on-demand viynl pressing service & crowdfunding platform for independant musicians. PodcastMenu Sep 3, 2016 link & mac & OSX & software & Audio This neat little mac menu bar app is a wrapper the overcast.fm web app which utilises the system media keys and doesn’t kill your podcasts when you GitHub - download pinboard Sep 2, 2016 link & OSX & Productivity Download your pinboard bookmarks as webloc files with Mac OS X tags http://ift.tt/1t5xsl0 TIL About The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization Sep 27, 2015 link If you’re into breakaway republics, failed states & unrecognised secessionist movements, then this my friend - is the Wikipedia page for you: #Apple Watch apps take some of the pain out of travelling Jul 27, 2015 link & press & watch & travel “I don’t think it should be considered a device exclusively for the luxury end of the Your Craziest Travel Adventures Jul 21, 2015 travel & link When me and my then-girlfriend decided 6 weeks after meeting that we should move to New Zealand for a couple of years, I thought that would be the